We figure out the legal stuff so you don’t have to

Ensure that your business and systems are following the law and protecting the data and privacy of your customers

The Federal Government and every state government has laws in place to protect the data and privacy of citizens that data controllers (e.g., businesses with access to customer records or bank details) must abide by. Some industries, like healthcare, have their own complex compliance laws on top of the rest that must be followed and often there are more than one. For example, HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, and PCI are all regulations governing patient information and credit card details, and a healthcare provider may be required to comply with all of them. Failure to do so can incur steep fines, lawsuits, or worse.

Making sure your business is complying with all relevant laws and regulations is no easy task, but the experts at Covenant Technology Solutions are more than up to it. Our technicians know compliance requirements front to back and can train you and your employees in a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand way. We’ll also make sure your systems are running the right software required and continue to update and monitor them so you are never at risk of noncompliance.

Our Compliance Services protect you from:

  • Government fines and punitive measures
  • Breaches that can put your customers’ privacy at risk
  • Outdated software or practices
  • Newly updated laws and regulations you may not know about
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