About Us

We take care of your technology, so you can take care of business.
That’s our covenant, that’s our promise!

You dream of running a smooth business.

Our mission is to make that dream a reality.

Covenant Technology Solutions has been helping businesses overcome their technology concerns since 2002. We understand that you have a lot on their plate, which is why we aim to make your life easier by providing comprehensive IT services and solutions.

Working with us means you get a dedicated technology partner that:

  • Ensures your team stays happy and productive by eliminating office disruptions and downtime.
  • Secures your information and keeps cybercriminals at bay.
  • Works with emerging technologies and is always looking for the most cost-effective and strategic operational methods to increase work efficiency.
  • does not shoe horn your business it a specific set of technologies, but works to understand how your business operates and aligns the appropriate technologies that fit your business and the way your employees work.

The Covenant Technology Solutions difference

A rising tide raises all ships. These are words we live by at Covenant, because we know that your success and our success are dependent on one another. We won’t swoop in for a quick buck and leave you with tech that you don’t need or doesn’t work for your business. Your growth fuels our growth, and we aim to grow together. Our word is so important to us, we put it in the name!

So when we promise to do everything we can on your journey to success, we are in it for the long haul. When we recommend services and products from our industry-leading partners, you know you are getting the right tech and support for the right price. Each and every one of the tech experts on our team is devoted to taking care of your IT and all of the problems that come with it so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business, enriching your community, and raising the tide.

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