Disaster Recovery

Get Back in the Game

Restore your business back to working condition, regardless of what life throws at you

A disaster is a catastrophic loss of your business functionality or data. When most people think of disasters, they think of water damage or power outages, but disasters also include human-caused ones like cyber crime, accidental damage to equipment, or intentional damage to your systems. A well-planned and implemented disaster recovery protocol will get your company up and running again even after the worst emergency.

Unfortunately, many businesses put emergency preparedness on the back burner, but it is necessary. That’s why Covenant Technology Solutions is here to get clients prepared for the worst. We’ll take your business’s safety seriously, and set up a detailed disaster recovery protocol complete with data backups (on and off site), recovery tools, continuity planning, and employee training. Don’t let a catastrophe hurt or shut down your business; we’ll get you ready to bounce back fast.

With Covenant Technology Solutions Disaster Recovery, you get:

  • Confidence in the face of even the worst emergencies
  • A detailed recovery plan adaptable to any contingency
  • Expert guidance and assistance with restoration of data and capabilities
  • Training so you and your employees will know what to do should disaster strike
  • State-of-the-art recovery tools to minimize downtime and loss of profit after an event
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