Real people monitoring your security alerts

Introducing Covenants Managed SOC

Covenant’s managed SOC provides a 24/7 USA based team of security analysts that detect and respond to threats across endpoints, networks and cloud attack vectors.

Round the clock monitoring eliminates the need to recruit and staff highly compensated cyber engineers to perform detection, triage and examination of threat data from point solutions.

SOC analysts escalate only important actionable items. Covenant’s automated remediation and isolation technology applies remedies or guidance for a threat in order to contain and isolate a device on the network, until it is vetted clean.


Windows & macOS event log monitoring, breach detection, malicious files and processes, threat hunting, intrusion detection, 3rd party NGAV integrations and more.



Firewall and edge device log monitoring integrated with threat reputation, whois and DNS information.



Microsoft 365 security event log monitoring, Azure AD monitoring, Microsoft 365 malicious logins, Secure Score and Google Workspaces.

    This service is comprised of an elite team of security veterans and experts who proactively hunt and investigate threat activity. We perform the triage of detections and work with your team on the remediation when an actionable threat is discovered.

    Instantly grow your security stack and augment your existing staff by partnering with Covenant’s dedicated SOC team. Stay one step ahead of attackers by hiring veterans who’ve been on the forefront of investigating global threats such as Code Red Worm (2001), Slammer (2003), Stuxnet (2010), Cryptolocker trojan (2013) and the recent Bluekeep exploit in 2019.

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