Cloud-Based Backup Systems

Failproof Data Protection

Back up your data to an impenetrable vault with 24/7 electronic and physical security

In a world filled with Ransomware and under constant attack, backups are the only way to protect your business. Cloud-based backup, or replicating your backups to the cloud, protects your data and stores it in a secure data center. Backups can even be geo-redundant to ensure that if even the worst catastrophe befalls your city or business, your important applications and files are safe.

Covenant Technology Solutions can build or supplement your backups with an on-premises or cloud-based solution for maximum protection. After we install the backup and recovery system, your data will regularly replicate itself and send the copy to a secure data center which is climate controlled, fortified against natural disasters, and monitored electronically as well as physically with security personnel on site to prevent theft or destruction. Your business can’t function without your and your clients’ data, so give it the protection it needs.

With Covenant Technology Solutions Cloud Based Backups, you get:

  • Secure storage at a fortified data center
  • Professional security protecting your data physically and electronically
  • Simple, automated backup systems that you can forget about until you need them
  • Reduced hardware and IT costs; your monthly fee pays for it all
  • Lightning-fast recovery to minimize downtime
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