Your business and customers have a right to privacy. Protect it.

Protect your data when it’s on the move

Protecting your data while it’s in your systems is all well and good, but eventually you’ll have to send that data off to somewhere like a vendor, customer, or hard drive back up. Conversely, many people, like an employee working remotely, need to send data to you. While data is in transit, it is vulnerable to cybercriminals attempting to access it, because it is outside the protective shell of your business’s threat detection. Out there it can be intercepted, read, and copied. There is a solution, however: encryption.

Encryption, in a nutshell, scrambles your data with software that only you and the destination of the data has access to. Upon arrival, the data is unscrambled and can be read. While in transit, anyone trying to spy on the data will see nothing but noise. Covenant Technology Solutions technicians are well versed in this encryption software and can install it on your systems quickly and train your employees how to use it. Not only will you be able to encrypt email and attachments, vital to healthcare organizations for many reasons including HIPAA compliance, but you’ll also be able to encrypt hard drives which is useful for anyone interested in their data’s security.

Our Encryption services protect you from:

  • Your data being intercepted and compromised
  • Hackers spying on your remote work employees
  • Noncompliance with data privacy laws
  • Unauthorized on-site access of your data
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