Demystify Microsoft licensing

Learn modern licensing techniques that flex with your business

Old vs Modern Licensing

In 2015 launched the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program. This licensing program is designed for your local Microsoft Partner (Covenant) to directly sell and support you when it comes to your cloud licensing such as Microsoft 365, and Azure for commercial, government, and non-profit organizations.

CSP is more than a licensing program. The CSP model is designed for Microsoft Partners, like Covenant, to add value to your Microsoft cloud experience via support, billing flexibility, design services, and strategic advice from a local partner who understands you and your business.

Why did Microsoft create the CSP licensing program?

  • Microsoft created the CSP program because they could not keep up with supporting customers directly with the explosive cloud growth.
  • Microsoft’s internal focus for cloud licensing is primarily with fortune 500 companies. If you do not fall into that category, Microsoft directs to a local CSP partner like Covenant.

Who provides me support?

  • Covenant provides you administrative technical support both directly and escalation through Microsoft’s Premier support program.
  • Covenant works with you to stay up to date on the rapid changes in Microsoft Cloud products and services such as new releases and security features.

Can I start and stop at any time?

  • Yes. The CSP program through Covenant is a monthly subscription with no long term commitments. You can easily convert to another licensing program at any time.

Why should I buy through CSP and not direct from Microsoft?

  • With Covenant’s CSP program, you receive the Microsoft annual price on a monthly term.
  • You receive local support with access to Microsoft Premier support
  • You are not just a number as you are with Microsoft. You have a direct relationship with Covenant who understands your business and guides you in your cloud journey as your business evolves

Is CSP better than a Enterprise Agreement (EA) directly with Microsoft?

  • EA’s are old agreement types for companies with more than 500 employees. They are designed for on-premise and hybrid software licensing.
  • An EA locks you into a 3-year term pricing agreement that is time consuming, difficult to govern, and comes with expensive annual true-ups that are unpredictable to budget for.
  • If you cannot predict where your business and cloud software services will be in 3 years, for on-premise and cloud, an EA is potentially a very risky and expensive option.
  • Premier support is an additional cost that starts at $30k/yr. Most support comes from offshore in a timezone that does not align with you. If you need strategic advice and product assistance, Microsoft directs to a CSP partner like Covenant.
  • There are two tiers when it comes to working with Microsoft directly. Fortune 500 and companies with more than 5000 employees (Enterprise).
    • Fortune 500 companies get all the direct attention from Microsoft. They are Microsoft primary focus when it comes to cloud services.
    • Enterprise companies are assigned an internal Microsoft sales agent who works with them to find strategic partners like Covenant for specific business needs related to Microsoft services.


With Microsoft Cloud Solutions (CSP) program from Covenant Technology Solutions you get:

  • Microsoft 365 and Azure
  • Government (GCC) subscriptions
  • Non-Profit subscriptions
  • Premier support
  • Discounted pricing
  • Strategic cloud and business advice
  • No long term contracts
  • Pay as you go terms for flexibility
  • No annual true up
  • A great experience

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Over 135 million people and businesses subscribe to Microsoft 365 services, including the majority of Fortune 500 companies.

Join the new wave, or replace your outdated Cloud software with help from Covenant Technology Solutions. We’ll consult with you to determine which programs your business needs and what service subscription will best help meet your goals. Then, our expert technicians will set everything up on your systems quickly so you can come back faster and more efficiently.



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