Small Businesses

A perfect fit for small businesses

Covenant Technology Solutions Knows Small Business IT

Times have changed, and it’s nearly impossible to survive as a small business without the Internet and all of the tech needed to take advantage of it. The costs of acquiring what you need and maintaining it can sink a business, but Covenant Technology Solutions has the solution: outsource it to us. Why buy expensive-to-maintain servers when you can pay a fraction of the cost for fast and powerful Cloud solutions? Why hire an IT “jack-of-all-trades” when for a lower monthly cost you can get access to a team of masters? You strive to build your enterprise, and we strive to enable you to do so. Covenant Technology Solutions with small businesses just makes sense.


Power Without Price

Get access to enterprise-grade IT, support, and knowledge for a low, fixed monthly fee

Specialized Support

Reap the benefits of a team of IT specialists for less than the cost of a single IT employee

State-of-the-Art Solutions

Get an advanced IT edge on the competition and keep it; the market won’t wait

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