Mobile Device Management

New kinds of devices bring new challenges, so be ready

Oversee security, control access, and manage data on your company’s mobile devices regardless of location

Doing business on the go with a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet gives you a competitive edge, but also creates security risks unique to this kind of technology. Not only do these devices require their own security programs, but they are also constantly at risk of being stolen or lost. A compromised business mobile device can be just as harmful as a compromised desktop computer, since the former usually has access to the latter via the Cloud.

[company_long] offers a full suite of mobile device management software as well as continued training, maintenance, and monitoring on these programs. This will allow you to view how your company devices are being used to check for inconsistencies, protect them from outside access and cyber attacks, wipe data remotely in the event of a theft or loss, and much more.

Our Mobile Device Management Services protect you from:

  • Unauthorized access of your business devices
  • Security threats, regardless of their origin or location of the device
  • Compromised, lost, or stolen devices leaking information
  • Inappropriate use of company devices
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