Threat Protection

 Cyber crime has evolved. Your security should too.

Protect your data, profits, and reputation from cyber crime

Cyber threats become more sophisticated every day, and are designed to hurt computer systems and businesses in a variety of ways. Online attacks can steal private and valuable information, gain access to and control networks, spy on computer activities, or simply let a virus loose to damage systems and cause downtime. Any one of these can sap your profits or even shatter your customers’ confidence in your business.

To combat cyber attacks, Covenant Technology Solutions has access to and expertise in the most advanced threat protection software on the market. Basic software includes antivirus scanning, spam protection, and antimalware protection, but in the information age, more is often required. We can set up advanced threat detection systems on your network to catch breach attempts before they happen as well as contain and neutralize any threat that manages to get in.

Our Threat Protection services protect you from:

  • Phishing: attempts to steal confidential information like bank details
  • Viruses: malicious software that disrupts and damages computers
  • Zero-Day Threats: software weaknesses and exploits that haven’t been patched yet
  • Spyware: programs that illegally monitor your activity
  • Botnets: programs that assume control of your computer without your knowledge
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