Cloud PCs

Work smarter, safer and from anywhere

Leverage the power of the Cloud

Laptops changed how we do business by allowing us to work from anywhere, but remote virtual desktops take this a step further. Instead of your computer being a desktop or laptop, a remote desktop is hosted virtually in a secured cloud data center where you can access it at any time, from anywhere there is an internet connection. Your desktop, icons, shortcuts, data, applications, preferences, and everything else are just the way you left them regardless of where or with what device you accessed them.

Covenant can help you get connected to hosted desktops to provide unprecedented mobility, productivity, and peace of mind. Copying, sending, updating and managing access to data used to be a full-time job, but now the process can be automated with cloud technology so you never have to slow down. With hosted remote desktops, changing your location or device no longer needs to cause profit-draining downtime.

With Cloud Desktops from [company_short] you can enjoy:

  • Disaster Proof Computers
  • Automated Updates and Backups
  • Increased Computing Power
  • Lowered Hardware Costs

We can assess your business’s needs, oversee the migration of your systems and data to the Cloud, instruct your employees on the usage of the Cloud, and monitor your Cloud software for problems after it is installed. Access to a Cloud server can dramatically improve your business’s capability, security, and flexibility.

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