Control what comes in and out of your systems

You wouldn’t leave the doors to your business unlocked and unattended, don’t do it with your computers either

Most large office buildings and companies have security personnel at the door, or require key cards or other credentials to get in. It’s a big world out there, and there are a lot of unsavory elements trying to get in. The Internet is the same way, and your network needs a security officer checking the credentials of everyone and everything trying to get into your computer systems. Enter the firewall.

When a Covenant Technology Solutions expert installs a firewall on your network, they’ll work with you to set parameters for what is allowed into your systems as well as who your computers can connect to. By managing this traffic, you can intercept hackers, malicious software, remote access attempts, and more from even getting in the door. But the work doesn’t stop there; our technicians will continue to monitor and update the firewall to adapt to constantly evolving threats.

Our Firewall services protect you from:

  • Attempts to access your systems by unauthorized users
  • Harmful programs like trojan horses or ransomware
  • Users on premises inadvertently accessing unsafe websites or programs
  • Botnets attempting to control your systems
  • Access to inappropriate workplace websites and content
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